Fortifying pigment


  • The color is a fortifying layer which colors equally the concrete's surface ,it is long lasting and it is perfect for a heavy traffic area.Appart from adding the color for the concrete ,it is also creates an excellent base for the application
  • It is made of cement,additives and selected aggregate,already done to mix it with water,then to apply it mechanically or even manually with a pallete knife.
  • Package:plastic sacks of 25 kg

The realese powder


  • The release powder is a powder paint which allows the stamped concrete to ditach easily during the application.Meanwhile ,it helps adding color,shading and has a very clear surface.
  • Package:plastic sacks of 10 kg.

Acrylic varnish


  • Suitable varnish for concrete ,natural stones,decorative bricks,stamped tiles and stamped concrete.
  • Because of its structure this penetrates equally the smaller surfaces as well
  • Got a strong resistance of adhesion and friction ,tenacity and shock.
  • Never pale and protects the surfaces from humidity and stains ,underlining the stone's natural color.
Type-acrylic varnish solvent
Dilution-doesn't need any. On no absorbent surfaces it could be dissolve with 50% solvent
Application-paint brush,roller or airless spraying
Consumtion :about 6-7 m2 per liter
Package:containers of 16 l